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Information for EMA members:
We have relaunched the EMA members' section! EMA new community has a lot of nice features that help to make the international networking within our Association easier: detailed members' search and direct messages to any member; images, videos, files and events; groups and many more!

In line with the data protection regulations, we did not move your passwords and user pics along from the old community section - all the other user profile infos are in.
So if you are already a member of EMA and are returning for the first time to our updated members' section, please request a new password to be sent to you, you can change it right away to the password you prefer. Sorry for that little inconvinience, but once you log in, you will like it. Wink

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  • to be a part of a large exclusive international community of people with similar interests and ambitions
  • to find other Erasmus Mundus students and graduates from your home country, in your city or in your course
  • to receive news
  • to get involved with the EMA activities (thematic or regional)
  • to post and read jobs and PhD announcements
  • to read specially designed European countries brochures


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Kindly accept our apologies given that for the moment we are not able to process new membership registration. We are working on a solution and soon we will update you on the process.


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